Internet connection is not available (error notification)

I’m new user to endeavouros,
After a recent update of the system, I noticed that I don’t have an internet connection, but I have an ethernet cable connection (wired), I cannot access the internet, and when I run “ip link” I only see the loopback l (no other interface is showed).
Hope someone can help me solve this problem.

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There are some drivers pitting out the kernel as far as I can see from other users having the same issue, to help you here we must know what is the plan chipset in your machine:
lspci | grep Ethernet

To see which module is currently in use, maybe also try …
lspci -k | grep -A 3 Ethernet

I assume you have only the default kernel installed.
If that’s the case, then try to install the LTS kernel, i.e.

  • linux-lts
  • linux-lts-headers

One way to have an internet connection is to use your phone’s USB tethering. With that you should be able to install packages.


02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL810xE PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller (rev 05)

I’ll try to do that, thanks Manuel.

To see which module is in use, please also run
lspci -k | grep -A 3 Ethernet

Kernel modules: r8169
bus ID: 02:00.0
chip ID: 10ec:8136

Ok, r8169 it is.

  1. Please post the output of
    ls /usr/lib/modprobe.d/
    to check if there’s a blacklist in place.

  2. Check which r816… related packages are installed on your system
    yay -Ss r816 | grep Installed

nvdimm-security.conf r8168.conf systemd.conf

community/r8168 8.048.03-52 (115.2 KiB 112.6 KiB) (Installed)

Ok, we’ll try something you can always revert if it doesn’t work.

  1. Edit /usr/lib/modprobe.d/r8168.conf and unblacklist r8169
    sudo nano '/usr/lib/modprobe.d/r8168.conf'
    Comment the line by adding a ‘#’, like
    #blacklist r8169
    Save and exit.

  2. Reboot or run
    sudo modprobe r8169
    and check if you have an ethernet connection.

If the above works, note that this is only a temporary fix that will be reverted when r8168 gets updated.
To fix permanantly, uninstall r8168:
sudo pacman -R r8168

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Yea, it works, ethernet connection is back.
Is it safe to uninstall r8168?

Yes, just uninstall with
sudo pacman -R r8168

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