Internal sdd / hdd boot

Hello all,
I am trying to install Endeavor using internal ssd and mechanical hd. Would like to boot from ssd with swap and use the mechanical for user files and folders. How do I set this up in the manual partition setup? Tia

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You can start by reading this post. Any questions feel free to ask.


Any other suggestions? This has nothing to do with helping me with my problem. I had this setup in Debian and it worked great for my large music collection

look like what you asked. drive 1 boot ,root+swap drive two for home ( storage )

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Exactly what @Shjim said, looks like what you asked for.

What i need is the flag settings.

That is the only flag that needs to be set.

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My 2 cents … :grin:

Assuming your ssd is at least 150GB large, placing only /boot, swap and root on the ssd is normally a huge waste of space and resource.
A normal installation starts out with less than 10GB and after installing applications usually doesn’t grow beyond 30-50GB. Even with a 16GB swap partition or swapfile you’ll probably use less than 40% of such a ssd. If your ssd is even larger, well, the waste is too.

Your overall performance will benefit enormously from (parts of) /home residing on the ssd.

So, I’d do a default (non-manual) install (which includes /home) to ssd and afterward mount the hdd for stuff like large video files, pictures, backups etc.


Thank you.

OP: “Hey I need help with installing EOS.”

Solution: “Thank you.”

That’s not very helpful for a person who has a similar issue. “Who am I supposed to thank in order to install EOS?” :rofl: