Internal laptop mic labeled as "Unplugged"

I am using a 2018 omen HP laptop with optimus system, i wish to use to my internal mic along with my headphones for audio, but it doesnt work.

If I unplug my headphones the internal mic works fine.

System stats:


The mic settings (Using pulseaudio and pipewire)

Does anybody have a clue on how to fix this?

Hi there!

Not enough info :frowning:

Post your inxi -Fz

Possible questions:

  1. Is your BIOS up to date?
  2. What type of headphones you plug in? Is it possible your laptops has jack compatible with cellular headphones, which has microphone pin? I couldn’t verify it as you didn’t provide model number
  3. Someone was reporting something similar here:
  4. DId you try it on Windows / other system, to exclude hardware problem?
  1. Im not sure if my BIOS is up to date, ill have to check
  2. I plugged in regular over-ear headphones with a standard headphone jack, I found out it has a converter which fixed the issues

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