Interface is broken after updating / reinstalling

After I updated, and reboot, I get the situation you can see in the photo I uploaded in my initial thread. Low resolution, no interface, just a welcome popup and my only option to interact with the system is CTRL+ALT+T and try and figure out everything via the CLI.

I re-installed using the latest KDE Endeavour OS, and I get exactly the same issue! So there was no need to re-install… I still have to solve this problem.

@pebcak told me to log out, but actually I see no way to log out. I found this command while searching
loginctl terminate-session 1
that just sent me to a black screen with a flashing cursor… unresponsive.

Are you using autologin? If so, did you edit the file to change your default session to X11?

I don’t know what any of that means, sorry. All I did in the first place was let the auto updater run, encountered this situation - re-installed from the latest Endeavour OS KDE image, and encountered the same situation again.

did you set up your system to go from boot to Desktop bypassing the need for username/password

What auto updater?

Sorry, I didn’t realise there was more than one way - I’m just using everything straight down the line as possible. The buttons on the welcome menu, there’s 2, one refers specifically to EOS I believe. I recall when the CLI pops up after you press one of them, it seems all it does is run “yay” so I took to just typing that myself sometimes, and letting it run its course.

Ah yes - when I am running the installer, that is one of the options I choose when it’s presented, I just like the computer to boot straight into the desktop.

you need to edit the session. It sounds like the update has you in Wayland(Known Behavior) This was done via the latest update to KDE Plasma 6. Prior the default was X11. Hopefully someone can tell you the file you need to edit if you don’t know as I’m assuming something with sddm however I don’t use either KDE or sddm nor do i ever recommend autologin but your computer your rules.

Hey if it means there’s less chance I lose time to problems like this, I will not chose the option. I just had no idea skipping login would have any other impact other than allow any one to use my computer, which I didn’t see the point of having since I’m the only one who uses it.

I will even re-install Endeavour OS with some other recommended desktop manager if that will fix this? I only have ever stuck with KDE because it seemed to have the best support for my Wacom tablet from all the others I tried.

I noticed in the previous version of Endeaver OS I would use for the live boot, it was some other desktop environment that I can’t remember the name of. I used it on a cheap laptop I set up - and I noticed it did something frustrating with multimonitor setups - I believe it always set the leftmost monitor to be the primary monitor (the one with the taskbar), regardless of which one you set to “primary” in the display settings interface, so if you have a smaller monitor to the left of your primary monitor, this screws you up. I did a quick look around and it looked like a known issue that I saw someone said they wrote a script to work around. It would be good to avoid the desktop environment that has this issue if possible, since my main PC has 3 monitors, the primary one being in the middle of course.

Look into the file /etc/sddm.conf.

Under [Autologin] set Session=plasmax11

This should log you automatically into X11 session instead of Wayland.

See if still experience theses “glitches”.

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I will do that next - also, after thinking about what @thefrog said, I guess I could also try re-installing, but without the auto login option, that might also open up some options.

Without autologin, upon booting up your system, you will get to the login screen.

In the bottom left of the screen, you could choose which seesion you want to log into Wayland (default now after KDE Plasma 6) or X11.

I don’t have a Plasma install to try and give you the exact method of disabling autologin but here is a couple of things you could try:

  1. In the system settings go to Start up an Shutdown. Then to Login Screen. Under Behaviour … button, uncheck automatic login. Not sure if this is all to be found in Plasma 6 at the same place or not but just for you to know what to look for.


  1. In the file mentioned above, comment out the two line User and Session by putting # before them.