Interesting CPU Temp monitoring problem with Conky

I just updated to the 6.4.1 kernel (6.4.1-zen1-1-zen) and shortly after I rebooted, I saw the CPU temp monitoring section of my Conky freeze & segfault. I was running Conky 1.18.1-1 and in my Conky config I was monitoring each core with:
${execi 5 sensors|grep ‘Core 0’| awk -F’+’ ‘{print $2}’ | awk -F’.’ ‘{print $1}’} °C (with the core # determined by the result of what sensors shows for core numbers).

After playing around I’ve got it to “live” longer by replacing Conky with Conky-Lua-Nv & changing my core detection with:
${platform coretemp.0/hwmon/hwmon7 temp 2} °C (using 2 through 13 in my case of a 12-core CPU)

This lives a bit longer, but still segfaults out with:

terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘lua::exception’
what(): attempt to index a nil value
/home/dean/.conky/ line 129: 451301 Aborted (core dumped) conky -c ~/.conky/I-system-gray

I run 3 conky instances–System info & CPU temp, GPU temp & Process information & Drive info & Network info…the other 2 work normally—just the System/CPU temp segfaults.

This was not happening with the 6.3 kernel series— Does anyone know if temperature monitoring changed in 6.4 and in what way?

See other thread on kernel upgrade issues. BTW - conky 1.11.7 combines with AMD/AMD on new kernel issue free (so far).

I have downgraded to 6.3.9 and Conky is working again. Just waiting to see how it works out—I use Nvidia GPU(s) & Intel CPU(s)…so I guess I’m waiting… (I do BOINC & it really favors Nvidia & Intel hardware).

Just posted a bug report to: Depending on what a person’s Conky is monitoring looks like a factor in how long that Conky runs before crashing…