Interesting concept for laptop

Was looking through YouTube yesterday and found nice little video by Techhut, where Bryan introduces viewers to Fydetab Duo tablet/laptop thingy. FINALLY a good Linux tablet - Fydetab Duo - YouTube

I personally love this concept, especially being able to install different OS to it. Plus, my use case of laptop doesn’t require any “heavy lifting”.

Anybody seen this and are possibly interested in seeing where this will go?

There was someone interested in a similar machine from Lenovo (about $1.500 price) in a thread discussing ebook readers (like pine book, etc.) just the other day… perhaps you can do a forum-search. :wink:

I actually missed that.
But this one is designed to be able to change OS, which interests me. Don’t know if Lenovo would allow that.

Most all computers do allow that (not sure about pine-books). In so far, that seems just a marketing-gimmick to me.

I guess.
Anyway, I haven’t tried changing the OS of my Samsung table, but it is supposed to be easy on this…

Just thought this was a cool concept and wanted to share

I guess we will have to wait and see :slight_smile:

Eventually, I’m going to build myself one of these:

Well, maybe not that extreme, but something sufficiently similar…

I’m sure, there are ways to do it… on Android it needs device-rooting, to change the OS to LineageOS e.g., if your device is supported by the wanted OS.

That is super interesting…
I might do that as well, when and if there is time and so many parameters :smiley:

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Just don’t spill your drink on it, and never take it to the beach!


Knew about the krooting. I did try that on my old Samsong Galaxy S5 phone… unsuccessfully, but I did try it.
I should try it again on that old phone… still have it.

Yes, it may take practice. Good to have some old phone to play with, before gathering the final courage… :wink:

I have installed /e/ (based on Lineage) both on a Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and a Pixel 4a without rooting none of them. Rooting was not a requirement.

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Didn’t know this was possible w/o rooting. Thanks, always good to learn.

I have installed Graphene and Calyx on the Pixel as well.

None of them required rooting either. On the contarary, they advise against it for breaking the security model of the system.

Have to admit, I only read up on things here and there. After using IOS for the latter years, I just recently bought a MIUI phone but found it may take up to a month to be able to apply the new system after I bought it with intention to install LineageOS, I again dropped the idea. Instead, I keep caving my phone’s system in with f-droid apps and above all, NetGuard (fully licensed).

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Is that even supported by Lineage?

It is.

Ah, ok. Perhaps I missed that on their device support page.

Run the Mi Unlock app and follow the instructions provided by the app. It may tell you that you have to wait up to 30 days. If it does so, please wait the quoted amount of time before continuing to the next step!

In the How-To they speak of “Unlocking the Bootloader” - isn’t that the same as rooting your phone, @pebcak ?!

Of course, this may be a different requirement on various devices, I guess.

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For what I know, unlocking the bootloader won’t give you write access to the root filesystem on the phone so you could change the files as you wish. However it is a prerequisite for flashing a custom rom. In the cases I mentioned above, I didn’t even have to run the fastboot command with sudo to flash the image.

I have to add that on /e/ I could get temporary root access via ADB from a terminal to “mess” around with the system files. But once done, the device itself remains unrooted.

That’s about the extent of how I understand this whole thing which is actually not that much :sweat_smile:

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