Intel Core i7-10700K with UHD 630 Graphics Questions

I’m building a new PC, going with this Intel Core i7-10700K or this Intel Core i9-10900K both have the Intel UHD 630 Graphics. My question is after install of EOS Plasma will i have to install any other drivers to get the Integrated Graphics to work properly(I searched the forums, didn’t find anything.)? I’ve always had a dedicated video card, but with prices on video cards through the roof I’m going to use the Intel UHD 630 for the time being. Thanks!

I did find this &

It should just work.

If it doesn’t, deal with it then. :smiley:

Either way, the Intel stuff is generally very well supported as long as you just need a standard display output. If you need something with strong support for 3D or opencl the 630 won’t be ideal.


I just like preparing ahead of time :smile:

All I’ll be doing is surfing the internet/youtube videos/email, that’s really about it.

You will be fine. I am using a laptop with a 620 as I type this.


Nice, thanks @dalto :+1:t3:

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It shouldn’t be an issue at all and later if you install a dedicated graphics card you can disable the onboard Intel in the UEFI Bios but if all you are doing is surfing the internet/youtube video/email i wouldn’t waste my money on a dedicated graphics card.

i7-10700K $459.00 Cdn
i9-10900K $599.00 Cdn

There is also an i9-10850K $ 539.00 Cdn

How does that compare to US prices.

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i7-10700K is 362.272771879166 US Dollars, when compared to the Canadian $459, so $30 cheaper here IF my math is correct. :rofl:

CDN dollar currently is around 1.27 so that processor on newegg US is $334 US currently or 424.18 CDN approximately so ya that would be correct.

Edit: Ours is free shipping or pick up as is newegg

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Me too. Never had any problems :wink:

BTW: I’m on a Thinkpad T480

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There is no problem with Intel HD630. My laptop got a HD620 working flawlessly, and there is other laptops sold specially for Linux who works very well with HD630.

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