Installing VMWare Player .bundle file

Hello I have been searching on how to install a .bundle file, specifically the VMware player install package, I am coming from Ubuntu so a lot of this is new to me any help would be appreciated thanks!

First, welcome to the forum.

If you want to install vmware and have it work consistently. The best way is to use the AUR package.

vmware doesn’t support Arch/EndeavourOS so using the official install will be a battle as each new kernel is released. The AUR package includes patches for Arch and uses a dkms module to make everything work.

In general, on any Arch-based distro you want to check the repos and the AUR before attempting any kind of manual install.


Just for future reference, this is an example of an XY Problem.

The thing you were actually trying to do (β€œX”) was

but then you went off on a tangent trying to solve β€œY”:

If you can remember to ask for help with the β€œX” rather than the β€œY” it will end up being far quicker and easier, so please do keep that in mind!