Installing through yay slow compared to KDE Discovery

Hello there! Yesterday I wiped Windows off my Gaming PC and installed EndeavourOS. This is my second linux distro, before I have only used SteamOS on my Steam Deck. Which is why I wanted an Arch based distro as well as KDE Plasma since that is what I know best already. However I have noticed that KDE discovery is not on Endeavour and also being discouraged because of possible issues. I do not mind having to learn how to use Pacman or Yay but when I tried to install ProtonGE it took way longer than on my Steam Deck because instead of downloading and installing it right away it did a lot of other things I don’t know about? Why is that and is there a way to do this faster?

Thanks for the help in advance.

It probably has nothing to do with “Installing with yay” vs “Installing with discover”, it probably has to do with what you installed.

What package did you install specifically and what exact command did you use to install it?

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I tried to install this package:

Edit: I think I figured it out now. On flathub the package I installed is ProtonUp-Qt. There is a package on AUR that is called like that too. I guess because ProtonUp-QT is an installer for all the different compatibility tools, where you select which one’s you want before installing them it is faster because it needs to install less compatibility tools and dependencies. And the package I installed just tries to install all of them right away, so I think that’s probably why that one took so much longer. I will have to check when I get back home.

While I’m here I have another question. I had to cancel the download by pressing Ctrl + C because I was going to be late for work if I waited for the download/installation to finish because I did not expect it to take so long. Did I cause any harm to my system? Can I resume the download somehow or if not, how do I wipe the package from my computer so I can reinstall it properly?

That particular version is built from source. That means that you compiled all the software on your machine before installing it. That is why it took longer.

It is possible steamOS has a prebuilt package for it that only needed to be installed.

If you had instead installed, proton-ge-custom-bin, that is a prebuilt binary that would install much faster.


I see, that makes sense. Thank you very much!

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