Installing Telegrand... problem

Apparently there’s a GTK4 Telegram client by the name of Telegrand, so I went to install it. During the install it asks if’n I want to replace GTK4 with GTK4-Telegrand. Obviously GTK4 is kinda important to the function of Gnome, so I’m wondering what the difference is, if it’s necessary, and if necessary, will it break anything. I’ve tried searching for GTK4-Telegrand, but not getting any real answers, and that package is flagged as out of date in the AUR, so I’m really wary about using it. Anyone have any experience with this?

See the first comment on the telegrand-git AUR page:

A custom gtk4 version is used to fix scrolling issues by adding a reversed list mode.

You can use that patched gtk4-telegrand package instead of the gtk4 one just fine as there shouldn’t be issues with it. Telegrand will probably switch back to gtk4 once these patches are upstreamed into gtk.

gtk4-telegrand is flagged as out of date, but the maintainer seems to be attentive, and it was just flagged today (the regular gtk4 package updated from version 4.6.4 to 4.6.5 yesterday).

Gotcha, thanks, I missed it as I think searching for GTK4-telegrand took me to a different page. Yeah, I didn’t think the out of date was that big of an issue on it’s own, but when combined…

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