Installing self-signed certificate system-wide

I have a bit of a strange use case, but this has worked for me previously. I have no flexibility in changing the way things are set up due to it being my work’s environment.

I’m trying to install a self-signed certificate on my system to use as a CA for my VPN at work. I’m following the system-wide instructions here ( but when I fire up my VPN, the OS is still complaining about an untrusted self-signed certificate. The certificate is working great in Firefox.

I did have this working previously in Manjaro. I’ve compared the ca-certificates directory, the and grepped endlessly across directories trying to find a variance in the two systems but it appears everything is the same on both Manjaro and Endeavour. I did try the obvious attempt of rebooting my system with no luck.

Edit: When I run “trust list | head”, I do see my certificate in the list, trust is set to anchor, and all information matches what’s on my Manjaro install.