Installing SAP (Java) Linux Native

I know it’s a long shot, but at this point I’m shooting blind and hope to hit something.

Hello guys, do any of you guys know how to install SAP GUI Log on on Arch?

I tried to install openjdk and openjfx – it installed properly but the app just did not start beyond a small pop up floating windows indicating that it is trying to open but then it closes.

I know that this is the case if I’m using the latest openjdk and openjfx.

Other times I tried to use older version of openjdk/openjfx, SAP log on installed properly – I can do some work, but many of the available actions are unavailable because it lead to SAP/ABAP runtime errors.

Are there any of you fellow EOS user tried or experienced using SAP GUI on Linux? I needed a nudge to the right directions.

Did you read this?

Yes, and it does not work somehow.

I knew that I have to install openjdk and openjfx, what the wiki does not told you is that only specific version of it can run specific version of SAP.

In this case, the version corpo-god has given to me is SAP GUI 7.50 Rev1

If you need JavaFX I can recommend trying one of the Bellsoft Liberica packages in the AUR - the “full” versions include JavaFX and work well.

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I’ll give it a try!