Installing plasma-wayland-session deletes snapshot menu from grub

I had a working EOS system with btrfs, grub-btrfs, snapper, snap-pac installed so I could boot from old snapshots when problems arise.

However, this morning I installed plasma-wayland-session and on reboot I noticed that grub no longer had the EOS snapshot choice in the menu.

Before I mess with anything, I thought I’d seek advice in case this needs to be trouble shot.

Jim A

EDIT: running sudo update-grub repairs the grub menu. (I have the AUR update-grub installed)

I don’t think it has anything to do with plasma-wayland-session

What are you using to update the snapshot menu?

There are several ways to do it. The newer grub-btrfsd, the older path units, etc, etc.

I have grub-btrfsd enabled and running. In fact just prior to installing the plasma-wayland-session, I did and eos-update and that recommended a reboot. At the grub menu I checked the snapshot entry to see if the latest pacman -Su was there and it showed a pre for it.

Jim A