Installing .pkg.tar.gz file offline

i tried pacman -U --no config pkg.tar.gz file and get list of mirror errors and says not succsessfull install

why do you have these options? Just do

sudo pacman -U <path to package file>

it says “no spesicfied operation use -h for help” when i do that: “sudo pacman U”

my bad it should be -U, it was a typo, I will correct it

Is it a valid pacman package? They normally end .zst

dident work eighter, i connected the pc to internett and installed it online

is was zst file it was a typo

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Can you provide the exact command you ran, and the exact output?


pacman -U --noconfig


Three things wrong with this:

There does not exist a --noconfig option for pacman, as far as I know.

-U needs a “target”, a local package filename. It has to be a valid ALPM package created with makepkg.

Installing packages needs root privileges.

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That’s not the full command, and you didn’t include the output.

You have to “help us, help you”.

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? sudo pacman -U --noconfig file.pkg.tar.gz
output? i dont know what you mean, but i got it installed when i connected the pc to internet with pacman -S “pacage name”

Output is referring to the information the terminal displayed after inputting your command

when offline its installing then get list full of mirror errors then say its not complete

I’m only having a guess here as the information you have provided is very little but I am guessing the package had dependancies that weren’t met so it had to go online in order to update them. When you tried installing this package did you try doing so with an active internet connection?

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when i made the thread i had downloaded the package and put it on a usb then tried to install it on the offline pc with no luck so i connected it to the internet

It’s much simpler than that. The OP used --noconfig which is not a valid option for pacman, so it just returned an error, the content of which the OP refused to share with us.

BTW, I’d bet the output was:

pacman: unrecognized option '--noconfig'