Installing Nvidia drivers causes boot hang upon reboot

Having difficulty installing the Nvidia drivers using nvidia-installer-dkms

Obviously, if this issue has been discussed somewhere else OR there is something stated in documentation and I have somehow managed to not find it, directing me to the forum page/documentation with which other users have had issues such as this solved is much appreciated

Upon rebooting as instructed here after installing proprietary drivers I am greeted with a slow boot time and met with the last few lines of text on boot being
EndeavourOS audit: BPF prog-id=0 op=UNLOAD
after which it hangs and I am unable to do much in terms of accessing a desktop and such

System hardware:
Full boot log:
above information acquired via booting live ISO

Most setup and configuration information will be located here:

There is a boot parameter that needs to be set when using a 5.18 kernel with Intel cpus.

nvidia does not boot on Linux 5.18 on systems with Intel CPUs due to FS#74886/FS#74891. Until this is fixed, a workaround is disabling the Indirect Branch Tracking CPU security feature by setting the ibt=off kernel parameter from the bootloader. This security feature is responsible for mitigating a class of exploit techniques, but is deemed safe as a temporary stopgap solution. You can alternatively try nvidia-open and continue using IBT.


Looks like nvidia module is blacklisted. Also as @cditi88 has posted you need to set ibt=off as a kernel parameter in the default grub command line and then update grub. Remove nvidia from being blacklisted.

Jul 30 19:19:32 EndeavourOS kernel: Module nvidia is blacklisted
Jul 30 19:19:32 EndeavourOS kernel: Module nvidia is blacklisted

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After setting ibt=off in boot parameters successfully, I am unable to find the .conf file inside /etc/modprobe.d/ used to blacklist a module such as the nvidia one

What files are in /etc/modprobe.d

Edit: Also check it’s not blacklisted in the default grub command line as a kernel parameter?

The only file inside /etc/modprobe.d is called firewalld-sysctls and after skimming the code for anything related to nvidia I am unable to find a reason for the blacklist; nor do I find anything related to nvidia as kernel parameters

Well according to your logs it is a kernel parameter at boot.

EndeavourOS kernel: Command line: initrd=\arch\boot\intel-ucode.img initrd=\arch\boot\amd-ucode.img initrd=\arch\boot\x86_64\initramfs-linux.img archisobasedir=arch archisolabel=EOS_202206 cow_spacesize=10G module_blacklist=nvidia,nvidia_modeset,nvidia_uvm,nvidia_drm nouveau.modeset=1 i915.modeset=1 radeon.modeset=1 nvme_load=yes

Please show the output by providing the link.

cat /etc/default/grub | eos-sendlog 

Edit: You also haven’t added ibt=off as a kernel parameter in the same line.

I think whats happened here is that nvidia is only listed as blacklisted after I have installed the drivers, which I have not done yet on a new install of EndeavourO (however on this install I can confirm I have added ibt=off as a kernel parameter)

When I have time to I will attempt to change the other kernel parameter as well (shouldn’t be too hard considering I now understand the method of doing so) and report back with a new boot log via editing this message if it is necessary

Just remove the kernel parameter that is blacklisting nvidia and add ibt=off and then update grub.

Strangely after installing the nvidia drivers with ibt=off nvidia module was no longer set to blacklist by default, so I didn’t have to edit that atleast; Everything appears to be functioning properly as of now

Thankyou all for the very quick and concise support!

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