Installing i3 alongside XFCE

Hello guys and gals!
I’ve been using xfce for some time and now I feel like I’d want to experiment with second DE. I followed the guide and run following commands:
git clone

cd endeavouros-i3wm-setup

cp -R .config/* ~/.config/

chmod -R +x ~/.config/i3/scripts (make scripts executable)

dbus-launch dconf load / < xed.dconf (setup xed-editor)


ran the and commented out the first line in /home/berzerg/.config/i3/config . I thought that I would be able to choose i3 from login screen, but in the top right corner Ionly have a greyed-out XF that probably stands for xfce. Any suggestions?

you also installed all from the packagelist? (just a question)


As far as I know just running the would have been enough to set it all up automatically.

Looks like you have done it once manually and then a second time with the

git clone
cd endeavouros-i3wm-setup
cp -R .config ~/                                            
chmod -R +x ~/.config/i3/scripts
cp .gtkrc-2.0 ~/
cp .nanorc ~/
dbus-launch dconf load / < ~/xed.dconf
sed -i 's|\(exec --no-startup-id ~/\)|# \1|' ~/.config/i3/config
sudo pacman -S --needed - < i3
cd ..
rm -rf endeavouros-i3wm-setup

Just an observation.


Yepp, as it was my second or third try running just told me that all packages were up to date.

Oh, that’s right. Nevertheless even doubling some steps didn’t help me :slight_smile:

Try yse regular i3 instead gaps?

I did. I’ve deleted i3-gaps and installed i3wm and saw no differences. Are there any additinal steps I’m missing?

Weird should show where the other session are in lightdm

Thought so. Should I try another display manager or it wouldn’t fix the issue?

You can try ly …

Is mayby more text but should do

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Now that was a trip. Ly does recognize both DE’s, but it’s too simple to my taste. While I was switching back and fourth I logged into tty, which gave me some little panic attack as I was still working :slight_smile: I guess I’ll look into disolay managers and try some options. Too bad lightdm doesn’t see i3 even after systemctl restart. Anyways thanks a lot for advice!

P.S.: I won’t close the thread just yet to document the ultimate solution.

lets say recognize both session’s :slight_smile: i3wm is a wm :slight_smile: or try lightdm-gtk-greeter mabyby a difference but heard it somewhere also same as your but dont know why exact…

True, that pesky i3 is not a DE… Haha. I think I’ll start with sddm, lookd nice and configurable.

There are several different greeters for light to make it look different/better
lightdm-slick-greeter, lightdm-webkit-theme-litarvan, and lightdm-pantheon-greeter are all pretty nice imo

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Ok, so I now I have i3 session accessible. I turned off autologin /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
#autologin-user=berzerg & #autologin-session=xfce and took away xfce defaulting #user-session=xfce but still if I’m already logged in in xfce I can’t logout and choose i3. Vice versa is doable which is even stranger. I was thinking to leave xfce as a default session and switch to i3 when it’s needed to try it out. If I uncomment autologi n I can’t change the session on the go, but after restart i3 session starts :slight_smile: I guess I need to try other display manger. Btw, thank for lightdm-webkit-theme-litarvan @KDen it looks neat as I changed logo to EndeavourOS and set some purple background.

Allright I didn’t succeed with starting sddm. It just gives me a black screen on start. Lxdm kinda works. Kinda. When I’m in xfce logout button doesn’t wokr but end session button does the trick. The problem is that when I switch to i3 mod key doesn’t work for most cases. Mod + enter gives you terminal, but mod + d doesn’t give you the menu. I3 restart doesn’t help, but reboot does.

I guess I’ve found the solution finally. I’ll stick to lightdm, but to switch from xfce you don’t use logout button but use end session button. When I do it from lightdm mod button works correctly in i3! So now I have it - autologin with previous session on start/reboot and working session switch.

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