Installing Fonts Issue [SOLVED]

I recently came back to Cinnamon. I’d been on KDE. To install fonts in KDE, I’d go to Google Fonts or DaFont and download the ones I wanted. Once downloaded (either .ttf or .otf) all I had to do was double-click the font and it would install.

In my current EOS Cinnamon desktop, I get this…




Got it sorted. I installed gnome-font-viewer and all is working.

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In the future, you don’t actually need to “install” fonts. You can place them in your /home/.fonts directory, and they’ll show up for your user.

Of course, they won’t show up for other users if there are multiple accounts.

EDIT: Apparently, my method is deprecated, but it still works. The directory you should actually use now is /home/.local/share/fonts.


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