Installing EnOS on laptop stopped by pacman error

Trying to install EnOS on a Latitude 3810. Here’s the full log. What could I do to troubleshoot?

    ERROR: Installation failed: "Package Manager error" 
2023-02-09 - 20:11:40 [6]:     .. - message: "Package Manager error" 
2023-02-09 - 20:11:40 [6]:     .. - details: The package manager could not make changes to the installed system. The command <pre>pacman</pre> returned error code 1.
2023-02-09 - 20:11:40 [6]: void Calamares::ViewManager::onInstallationFailed(const QString&, const QString&)
    Calamares will quit when the dialog closes. 
2023-02-09 - 20:11:40 [6]: QML Component (default slideshow) deactivated
2023-02-09 - 20:11:40 [6]: void Config::doNotify(bool, bool)
    Notification not sent; completion: failed 

For an online install, you need to use the most recent ISO. We don’t maintain online installs for older ISOs.

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