Installing EndeavourOS on Samsung Laptop

Hi. I am trying to install endeavouros on my samsung laptop, an Samsung Galaxy Book 2 (750XED). But I have two issues with it.

If I boot into the live iso with normal graphics, it boots, shows the cursor for a few seconds (no background), and then just turns into a black screen.
If I boot into safe graphics, the system boots and is usable, but when i tested all things were working on the laptop, the keybinds for the screen brightness didn’t work. I dont think it is an issue with the keyboard layout or something, because the volume function buttons work.

I searched up some stuff about safe graphics, and it says that it is not recommended to use safe graphics permanently, it is better to get the official intel graphics working.

I am using Ventoy for the usb im installing from.
I would appreciate it if someone would help me with these issues.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Mathias ,
As for brightness control:
yay -S brightnessctl
In terminal

brightnessctl s 5%-
brightnessctl s 5%+


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Thank you.

For brightness setting to work, the Arch wiki recommends adding kernel parameter


Edit: just noticed the link by @eso gives the same kernel parameter.

Thank you. One more question. The guide @eso mentioned says to use powertop. But does powertop conflict with the power settings included in kde?

Not for me at least… but that might be hardware dependent.
I’m using wayland now, but also used x11 for a long time.

Thank you. Do you also by any chance know what might be causing the issues with the black screen when i boot the live iso without the nomodeset parameter?

Some graphics driver or setting for the hardware may not be suitable…
Fortunately you managed to get it working by changing the boot parameters. :+1:

Arch wiki provides lots of useful information about modeset stuff, might be worth looking into for your hardware.


Thank you for your time :slight_smile: