Installing EndeavorOS with dual boot In windows 10

Hey ,
I’ve been wanting to install the endeavorOS along side my windows 10 in dual boot
The thing is i’v emptied my D partition specifically for the EndeavorOS because i want to install it there
I dont want to go through any manage partition and shrink or expand the partition i simply want to install the OS in the D partition

But while doing the installation i dont see the option to install the OS in the D partition

Can you guy please help me out a bit?

What do you mean by emptied? You need to first boot into windows and shrink your partition. Then switch off secure boot and boot into the eos live iso.

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isnt there any way to just simply install in the whole partition?

You want to wipe windows? Do you only have one disk or several? There is a difference between partition and whole disk. Important distinction

My windows 10 is installed in C

how does D & C corerelate?

Ok D is probably another SSD or HDD. So in calamares installer when you come to the installation and partitioning on top right you should be able to select your D disk.

I have one HDD(500 GB) divided into 4 partitions C( WIndows) D( I want to install it here),F(mY personal data) and G

Isnt there any way?
hopefully i am clear now

I don’t think it is going to work if your partition is in the middle of other NTFS partition. I could be wrong, but until now the recommendation I have seen everywhere and worked for me was to shrink the windows partition or get a second disk. Perhaps you can partition you windows into 3 partitions and shrink the last partition to make space for EOS. I just have never done it that way.

In principle you can click on the partition and choose it to install eos on calamares. Can you see your partition and click on it. It should be listed under current partition.

I just loaded a screenshot from the internet, you may see the available partition where the grey bar is under current. Ignore the arrows and the rest…


Also make sure you know whether your windows is booting in UEFI gpt or bios MBR. You need to install eos in the same mode else it won’t boot.

More infos here.

And last tip (getting late here), it will be easier to get help if you post better system infos. In the live eos environment on the left in the panel or in the welcome app there should be a log tool
With that you can save and post useful system infos, which makes it easier to get help…

It is not clear what you mean by emptying the D partition. Before installation, you should format this partition with the Linux file system you want (ext4, btrfs, etc.), then you can start installing EOS.

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Maybe I am restating the obvious, but I’ll say it anyways …

Before you mess with partitions, the partition table and/or installing EndeavourOS to your machine please take a few steps to protect yourself/your data:
1) Backup any files you are unwilling to lose - and keep that backup on separate USB drive, or on OneDrive or another online storage space. It is easy to make a mistake and delete the wrong partition. Devices and partitions don’t alway “look the same” in Linux as they do in Windows.
2) Make sure you have created a recovery disk for your Windows installation and some bootable form of USB or DVD to support this. You never know what might happen.
3) Keep your bootable USB drive version of EndeavourOS ready to run live, just in case

There is a high probability everything goes smoothly and you won’t need any of these, but if something goes wrong you’ll be glad to have any or all of these to recover (especially the backup).