Installing Arch Linux Packages Never Been This Easy [VIDEO]

@moson you’re internet famous now! :wink:

tl;dw review recap: “It just works. It has a little bit of roughness around the edges, but this is absolutely a good baseline for an incredible project.”


pacseek is a TUI, not a GUI…



It’s still graphical, it’s just that the graphics are character based. Don’t confuse the poor YouTubers :rofl:

lol, I just learned that you can use j/k as well for navigating the package list. :joy:

Seems he used an older version 1.4.1
In the meanwhile a lot features got added like theming/colors, showing PKGBUILD, list all installed packages, list updates…




:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

installed, thanks for the tip :slight_smile: and thanks @moson for the software

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I think one of the best parts is that mouse clicks work like you’d expect in a GUI too. Really makes it an option for keyboard challenged people :grin:

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Love it!! :pray: for 1st smile of a busy long day .

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is there a shortcut key for installing AUR package. i got that for upgrading AUR packages, its CTRL+A

yay -S packagename

Is short :grin:

Will need to try pacseek

I meant from inside pacseek :sweat:

This video made me check it out just before, pretty cool & very handy

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Simply search for the program & press enter

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