Installing affine on endeavouros

Anybody ever tried to install affine the new Open source competitor of Notion and Miro.

I guess That it is still in Beta but it Sems to be very promising

cf. this article covering Affine: it should run on Linux too

The biggest function of AFFiNE is that any block can be converted with one click: the page editing mode + Kanban view mode + whiteboard mode can be seamlessly linked — making it easy, convenient, and burden free for all users to use. In addition, AFFiNE has more page views and whiteboard views, which can help different users brainstorm and align progress with other partners at any time while precipitating and processing data sets, and write data-related reports and complete meetings without changing the working tools flow. You can expect more feature additions as the development continues. Some existing highlights include: Native cross-platform support. Add to-do in text mode, and transform to board mode. Ability to self-host it or install it on your computer. Customizability. Data privacy. A single code base for better maintenance. Community-driven extensibility. Multi-column view and advanced formatting support. Click anywhere and type with MarkDown support. Keyboard shortcuts for editing cell/grid.

This is another way to contact AFFiNE: Telegram: Twitter: Blog: Hope you have a nice time with AFFiNE!


Before you follow the rest of this guide you’ll want to make sure you have installed Node.js (>=16) and pnpm. You’ll also need Git setup to pull our source code from GitHub.

We also recommend using an IDE, such as VSCode, and the nx console plugin is recommended for creating dependencies.


Clone our GitHub

git clone

Currently we have two versions of AFFiNE:

hi there

well i found some docs here -

well i will give it a try… hopefully i am able to install all the necesary stuff on my notebook

Good luck!

I’ve never heard of Notion, Miro, or Affine…

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hi there -
notion is something like a note-taking-tool
miro is something like a online-white-board

affine tries ot combine both in one - and is open source

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