Installer UI gets clipped out on low resolution like 800*600

See the screen captures below. I think the [Change] buttons on the right are unnecessarily clipped out due to suboptimal layout. I mean, the region/zone drop-downs do not need be that wide, the labels (The system…/The numbers) do not need to be that wide either, and if space is really needed, they could be just

Language: American English (United States)

instead of

The system language will bet set to American English (United States).

And those [Change] buttons should be docked on the right border and not go beyond that. The map could use horizontal scroll, or the map is not very essential because the user can just choose the zone from the drop-down.



The UI is mainly for 1920 * 1080. Who uses 800 * 600 anymore? Unless the system doesn’t recognize the hardware. But that can be changed to the correct resolution if the user wants to. I’ve used :enos: live system to install on VMs and on real hardware and never had an issue.

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I’ve only ever had this issue in VirtualBox and the the easy fix was to change it to the correct screen resolution

Whatever you suggest is correct, but EnOS cannot do much to fix them directly, because the installer application is a universal application called Calamares, developed from another team.
This request should be directed there :person_shrugging: .

Isn’t Linux’s strength that it supports low-end or geeky (I can’t think of a better word) hardware? If you only think about modern consumer computers, you would think no one would be using 800*600, but I have seen specialised small monitors or displays for single-board-computers who had lower resolution like that.

And of course, if it would take a lot of work to support 800 * 600, I would not have suggested it, but for this case, it mostly already works for 800 * 600, and the only problem is this locale page’s layout, which, in my opinion, can be easily fixed (that is, for the programmers who have been dealing with this software and the programming language that it is written with) because it is unnecessarily reserving more space than it needs.


you can manage to do this by moving the installer window to the side.

Here’s a recording -

(I agree, its a little bit convoluted)

The size of the installer window (calamares) is set to a specific size to be able to show the pictures correctly for the most common resolutions.
And it is not us developing Calamares completely we only change some stuff downstream.

It was already not that easy to find a middleway to get the GUI showing nicely from 1024x768 to something hidpi …

So it would be best to report this upstream too

As long as the issue is related to something we do not changed here downstream … what is the case for this module.

Not forget to mention that calamares is qt-based and for EndeavourOS it runs inside XFCE4 gtk Environment can cause some issue in addition.
We do use qt5ct and Kvantum to theme the installer, this could be also part of the issue…
But a short test shows it seems also without kvantum the minimum size of the windows is casing the very right part of the window to be off the screen on 600x800.

could be there is possible to find ID of them and set a better size in

There is also localeq module that offers more options to “design” the GUI part of the module kaOS using it p.e. we had some thinking about using the “q” m,odules already and we do use one for the Bootloader selection already.

There are 2 easy(ish) ways around this problem. One of them is to use the Welcome program to change the resolution to something more suitable - assuming that your hardware can support that, which it often can by scaling. If this gives difficulty, the settings app in XFCE, under display, gives more options for this.

The other is to use the arcane knowledge of the user interface (:grin:) In XFCE (which the live instance of EnOS uses) - it is possible to hold down the Left-ALT and use the left mouse button to grab and drag the window to where you can see whatever part you want. This should enable the process to continue to a satisfactory conclusion…

Hope this helps!

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I will take a look at it later and see why the size is fixed like that.

I think this post is kind of not needed here. And should be closed. The resolution is not very common these days. And :enos: does support many. And this might lead to another flame thread. Also, why fix something when it’s not broken? It’s not easy to please everyone and to be everything.

My opinion is it worth investigating. If it is something we can easily fix, there is no reason not to do so.

On the other hand, if the investigation shows that it will be difficult or time consuming to fix them we will have a decision to make.

I don’t want to jump straight to choosing what action to take until I have looked at it.

Unfortunately, I currently have no electricity so I can’t look at it right now.