Installer is hanging

I downloaded the latest version from the website and copied it to a USB stick. The notebook starts up in a live mode from which I started the installation. The installation hangs after 8% - only the slide show works.
Can anyone help me - thanks from Austria.

Try updating the mirrors for your country or close with the welcome app button. The installer generally hangs at 8% when it refreshes the keys. There is also a terminal running in the background to show progress. Just be patient and let it run. The process could take up to 30 mins.

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Hi All, I did not want to open a new topic as this is completely fine. Yet the installation hanging for me came at 91% when it is about to clean up the system and make final adjustments. My best guess that not finishing this stage in 30 minutes is not normal.

Any ideas? Or should I just be much more patient? Yet when I installed the OS on my laptop about 6 months ago, I do not recall waiting for so long in this final stage.

I would appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you in advance!

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Your issue is very likely caused by another reason. That’s why you should start another thread. And while doing so, please include the install log

How to show the log, see

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Thank you for your response and suggestions! I will do so but first I give another try just in case.

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