Installer fails to install packages when i3-wm is selected

Hello! I’m having trouble installing EndeavourOs onto my laptop.

Here is the installer log:

The error seems to be related to the installing packages step and it simply errors out with:

2022-02-14 - 15:41:32 [6]:     ..  - message: "Package Manager error" 
2022-02-14 - 15:41:32 [6]:     ..  - details: The package manager could not make changes to the installed system. The command <pre>pacman</pre> returned error code 1.

I’ve noticed from troubleshooting this for a bit that installing with i3-wm fails with this error, but simply not choosing a desktop environment works fine.

I’m not quite sure how to debug further here as there doesn’t seem to be any indication or logging of how the pacman command failed? So choosing packages at random and seeing if they pass a pacman -S <pkg> has been the troubleshooting weapon of choice.

Other grievances:

  • There is no specific error on why this failed, making it impossible to easily figure out which package might be the one that’s actually failing and holding everything back.
  • If this step fails, you can’t simply retry with a different package set through the installer. If you want to use the installer GUI again you have have to force umount the busy drives(I can’t tell what’s holding the lock on them) or just reboot.

Having a similar issue. Was able to install the os by selecting a different window manager from the community edition.

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sry dump failure from my side …
linebreak error in packages install list…
Should be fixed now.


@clintjedwards @gnu-stallion

Thanks for reporting b.t.w. and welcome to the Community! :enos:

Sweet! Thanks for the quick fix and all the hard work!


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