Installer doesnt detect drive - even when the rest of the system does

the drive doesn’t appear in the installer for partitioning, even though it does show up with fdisk -l and in gparted. I went into gparted and mount was greyed out on the drive.
i was told to send these: hardware info the other one i forgot

Which device isn’t showing up?

What is the output of findmnt --real from the ISO?

it was /dev/sda. The drive had an endeavorOS install partition on it leftover from another install which i deleted and now it works. I’m unsure whether this is a bug or I’m just an idiot, but I definitely should have played around a bit more before making a post.
I apologise.

I had a similar issue when I was trying to install. I had Solus installed, and it would see the Solus partitions and the nvme drive, but I couldn’t install to my nvme, just overwrite the Solus partitions, keeping the same ext4, swap size, and everything. I used gparted to erase and reformat the whole drive as an ntfs partition, then I was able to install with btrfs with no issue.

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