Installer crash on partition

Not sure where to report this bug.

I’m doing a clean install bc when I installed EnOS several months ago I was new to arch and things got messy. Have been waiting for the new ISO to do a clean install so I can keep my computer nice and tidy this time.

steps to replicate

In the partition step, with an completely unallocated drive.
On attempting to “erase data and partition” with a btrfs partition the installer crashed.
On attempting to “replace partition” with a btrfs partition the installer works.

Place is fine :wink:
but we would need to see the installer log.
From what you say it looks like a BUG indeed.

Just tested, and I can not reproduce this as a general issue/BUG.

To get the installer log I just boot back into the live USB and go find it, right?

Is there a path/file I should find specifically (I assume there might be several logs?)

installer log will not exist after reboot if install failed… you need to send right after a failed install from the same livesession, there is a tool to send logs to a pastebin online, and you will find it also in liveusers home path.


Out of luck then. I succeeded in installing using replace partition, and I’m not about to wipe the new install to test again.

No problem, glad to see you got it installed.
It is mainly for us on maintaining and developing, always the best to get the logs.

Edit: wrote this before seeing OP had written they installed over a completely unallocated drive. Seems to contradict what I wrote down bellow, but since I wrote it from memory and was also playing with partition sizes and install modes (erase drive, manual partitioning) it might just be me not pinning the problem on the correct symptoms. I’m leaving the message for reference, in case there is something that might give you ideas. Hope it’s not confusing.

Sorry, I just see this discussion now, but I encountered the same issue yesterday with an installer a couple days old. Didn’t save the logs. Some info I remember :

  • I was attempting to install two EOS side by side, with both GRUB and Systemd.boot, playing with the partitions and filesystems sizes
  • Got the issue when doing a fresh install over an existing one. Previous install was full disk, LUKS+btrfs with a 1000MiB unencrypted boot. I don’t remember what the new partitioning was, but it was encrypted also.
  • I encountered the issue twice, and I believe once with btrfs and once with ext4 as the new fs, BUT my confidence in this assertion is quite low. Might have been twice with btrfs.
  • Installer started the partitioning then crashed, no error message.
  • I checked the installation logs, and I think I remember it says it progressed to 7% or something. Both times it crashed the content of the logs were the same.
  • Finally successfully installed after wiping the previous partition with KDE Partition Manager before running Calamares.

For sure one requirement to reproduce is to have a previous install on the drive. And possibly, BTRFS or LUKS or both.


hey @JeanL welcome here :enos:

The partition module is somehow complex and not fail proof.
In case you do exactly the best thing to do in case it fails to create, go clean the partition you want/ need to use before starting the installer.

The used KPM core somehow “does not like” some things, not created in exactly the way it would do that.

Initial poster was not using replace and said it was crashing on erase disk, what is unusual case.

But as I mentioned a lot of times already a lot of times, issues happen with unclean creation of the installer stick… Not fully written to the drive or used a tool that changed the ISO boot method.

So recommendation is to check the installer creation to make sure it is not corrupted, outcome of a corrupted installer stick is very random failing of different things, like it would have holes…

I ended up doing a second reinstall a couple days after this topic since that install was kinda funky and I borked it trying to fix it.

Same live USB same procedure and erase disk worked fine. The resulting install was much better too. Not getting any of the graphical glitches and other awkward config issues I was on the previous.

Wish I could have grabbed the logs for you, but tthe second install working much better is pretty indicative that it was something weird on my end, likely a very minorly corrupted install or USB or something. iirc I did update the usb before the second install (not a new flash, just in live env terminal)

this could be the issue… never do this… ISO liveboot has limited storage and updating libs can caiuse issues with the installer application dependencies.