Installer accessibility


I wanted to give this Distro a try.

I am a totally blind user, and was wondering what sort of accessibility is included in the installer (a screen reader, braille support) and how I would enable it.


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Unfortunately, I don’t think any of the currently available accessibility tools are capable of reading our installer. It is a Qt application that is running as root and none of the existing tools support that scenario.

I think that only after the Installation you can use accessibility tools in EndeavourOS…
Orca is a free, open source, screen reader that provides access to the graphical desktop via speech and refreshable braille. Take a look if its useful for you.
Another solution but not so useful than Orca are liblouis an Open-source braille translator and back-translator.

Its an Arch project that help blind people to install a basic arch system at the follow link


This is unfortunate! Is there any alternate install method planned, such as something like the Debian netinst system, with a prompt-driven interface that could be made accessible with the speakup screenreader, or the ability to perform a silent/unattended install?


I already know about Orca, I use it already. Also, installing Arch Linux itself is fully accessible, however it has a lot of issues on this laptop for whatever reason that Endeavour does not.