Installed Casini Nova R2, and goofed on /home

Hello gang,

Basically, my system is booting to a default home directory that I created during the update installation (not really thinking this through—don’t do fun stuff with yer installation when dealing with Covid, I guess?) with my actual home partition floating ‘over there’….

So, I guess I am asking, “how can I get a bogus home directory off /, and have a link from / to my home partition from now on?”

I hope this is making sense, and thanks in advance. :+1:t2::saluting_face:

the easiest way to achieve this is using fstab and uuid

get the uuid from the drive that you want to load as your home drive and put the entry into fstab so should look similar to this

UUID=b04912fa-c1c6-4803 /home ext4 defaults,noatime 0 1


Mr. Frog, thanks so much!

If it is ok to ask a followup, here it is (please just reply in the negative, and I will happily create a new post) I have done as you suggested, but now, when I reboot the system, it rejects my password (triple checked.)

If you can answer this last thing for me, I really appreciate it. But, at the same time, I am going to check into some way to…

  1. Bypass load of X11 during boot, and…

  2. see if I can get into ‘single user mode’ (?) and reset my admin password.

Warm regards from California. :vulcan_salute:

Not sure whats up there you could try to comment out the /home dir in fstab for a moment and see if it lets you in. you may need to copy contents from that /home dir to your new one.

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Some potential reasons:

  • UUID value?
  • filesystem: ext4 or something else?

Can you show the output of command

lsblk -fm

with an explanation of which partition should be /home?

(If needed, you can boot with the USB installer to run the command.)

Hi Manuel,

I was actually able to ‘repair’ my problem with the live usb installer, where I adjusted my partitions, and especially properly identified my home partition properly in gparted, and reinstalled.

Now, all good, and I learned a lot.

So far, this is a great community!

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hello @steveieo welcome to the purple universe :enos: :enos_flag: :penguin_face: :rocketa_purple:

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