Installed an app and don't know where it is

Hi everyone. I installed VICE (a commodore 64 emulator). It was built from the AUR. I have no idea where it is and catfish wont find it either. It doesn’t show up on my menu in Cinnamon.
Is there a default location where AUR built apps go?

Did you use yay or makepkg?

I used pamac as its my kids computer, trying to show them how to install stuff as painlessly as possible.
I’ll try it later on my KDE machine, but its weird its no where to be found.

You can find the contents of any installed package with pacman -Ql

I am not sure which package you installed but for example if it was vice-sdl2 you could use:

pacman -Ql vice-sdl2

No package owns either
pacman -Qo vice-sld2
or pacman -Qo vice

The problem with pamac is it is using appstream data so it may have installed something else that wwas tied to the appstream data for vice. Look in /var/log/pacman.log at the bottom to see what you actually installed.

Also, it is possible you installed a flatpak or a snap depending on which version of pamac you are using.


The bin for vice is x64. Run it in terminal to launch vice.

Also, vice is there in the standard repo. Any reason why you installed from the AUR?

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x64 launched a c64 emulator! I hadn’t seen it in the official repos of EnOS.

Just to confirm, was that the thing you wanted to launch? (I have near zero experience with console emulators.)

Also, The “community” repo is from Arch Linux, not Endeavour. :smiley:

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that’s where I got it from, AUR. It did finally launch, but don’t know its location so I can add Roms for them.

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I can’t find /var!!

What do you mean you can’t find /var?

went to home (I have show hidden files on) and there is no /var
I can’t find the root directory either. This machine has been with my kids for about a month, could they have done something to it?

/var isn’t under home.

Which file manager are you using?


Does nemo have an address bar you can type in? If so just type / in it to go to the root.


Yep, got it! I’ll search for the rest and the logs.

found the entry for VICE, but it doesn’t say where it is located.

-120202-16T00:48:35+0200] [ALPM] installed vice (3.4-3)
pacman -Ql vice

Got it, thank you Dalto and all!