Installation without plasma-wayland-session

I noticed that Plasma only installs without Wayland support. Why?
I’ve been using Plasma with Wayland for about 1.5 years now. And without any major problems.
It’s no problem to install it manually. But it would be nice if that were there straight away.
Greetings from Dortmund

That is intentional - EndeavourOS only installs as little as possbile, meaning only necessary dependencies are installed - the wayland-session is an optional dependency.

It might change with the first EndeavourOS release with Plasma 6 (currently in RC state upstream), though. Wayland is the default there, X11 session is optional.

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Up to now, there have been too many hardware combinations that don’t work with Plasma Wayland. Also, prior to Firefox Ver 121, Firefox Plasma & Wayland was very iffy, again depending on hardware combinations. Why put out a product that you know has problems ?

In ARM, Raspberry Pi 4 & 5 and Radxa Rock 5B, do not work with Plasma Wayland. Odroid N2 and Pinebook Pro do work with Plasma Wayland. So the Arm installer only installs plasma-wayland-session on Odroid N2 and Pinebook Pro.

As a side note, Cinnamon and Gnome work quite well with Wayland on all ARM Devices. I have not had any problems with Cinnamon and Gnome with Wayland on x86_64 either with my Hardware setup.

As @BS86 said, hopefully things will be better with the new version of Plasma.


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I very much expect that and the beta testers confirm that.
For me, Wayland on Plasma 5 worked well, using it for 2 years now, with Firefox (on all AMD systems though)

The thing is: Plasma 5 was developed on X11, wayland was added to the existing product on some later release.
Plasma 6 is developed exclusively on wayland, tested on wayland and X11 is just kept alive as an optional fallback and will be removed later on. Plasma 6 has to work on wayland with that approach.