Installation window does not appear after USB-boot


I’m trying to install Endavour (Dual booting with Windows 10).

I have made a bootable USB but, when I enter EndavourOS, no install window appears as I have seen in tutorials. How come, and how can I proceed with the installation?

Thanks for your help!

Like the Calamares installer?

There’s just a program in the applications menu for it.

installer itself will not start only welcome where you have a button to start installer and do other things like ranking mirrors…
But i bet nothing appears automatically on livesession?
How do you create the installer media?
Make sure secure boot is disabled sam,e counts for fastboot feature in windows and any legacy boot support in your Bios… (CSM legacy Bios for usb and / or harddrives / boot )

No welcome screen (with options to start installer) appears. As it seems, I am simply entering EndavourOS as if it is ready to use, I can connect to the internet and use firefox to browse etc.

I create the bootable USB in Windows using Rufus as the guide on the website suggests.

You mean I can start the installer by finding the application for the installer manually, inside the live session?

Yes. In applications - or in the welcome app as shown by Joe above.

The installer itself is there with different options it does not start automatically…
After pressing button Start the Installer it will ask if you want offline or online install and this will open the installer with the choosen option for you.

In terminal you can start the welcome installer by:


Thanks all, all set now.