Installation questions

I am not having any problems and very happy with the system, but would like confirmation on some answers that I have during my installation.

  1. I think that I have grub installation and not systemd-boot because during installation I selected to use all of the disk space for EOS.

  2. Pipewire is installed even though the setting for sound on the XFCE settings manger screen says “Pulse Audio Control” bur running inxi -Aa indicates PipeWire in Server-1.


That doesn’t effect the bootloader. There is a page in the installer where you choose the bootloader.

pacman -Qq | grep dracut will tell you which you have. If kernel-install-for-dracut is on that list you have systemd-boot. If eos-dracut is on the list, you have grub.

pipewire and pulse can both be installed. However, by default we install pipewire-pulse which lets things that use pulse operate through pipewire.


Thank you for the information, I must have missed the selection during install, and I have Grub installed. Also you have cleared up information on sound settings.

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Is yours a Legacy/Bios or UEFI system?

If you have chosen the whole disk and your system is Legacy/BIOS then only Grub can be installed If I am not mistaken. systemd-boot can only be used with UEFI systems.

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