Installation Problem

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the installation process and since I’m a complete beginner, I’d better ask here :face_with_peeking_eye::grin:

That looks like potentially a bad download or an issue properly writing it to the USB?

OK, thanks for your Help.So then I will download it again and not copy it to the Ventoy hard drive but to an extra USB stick and hope that it works.

And please use checksums to validate your download:

for ventoy make sure you have the latest version on the usb drive, and that the ISO file is competely synced to it, on windows use save remove option to do so.
Thy sync can take up to 10 Minutes on some cases … like may using non usb 3.0 port and in m any cases usb sticks are only usb 2

Do we still need to use grub2 mode?

No, or at least I have not had to. It’s worth a shot to try grub2 if the regular mode doesn’t work; Ventoy seems to have different results for different people for whatever reason.


that’s depending … i can use both here, others only can use grub2 or only normal mode…

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