Installation on an old PC without GPT and without UEFI


Maybe in the next weeks I’ll install EndeavourOS on an old desktop PC at home, now running Ubuntu 18.04. This is the disk configuration at the moment:

sda      465,8G  SSD disk → MBR/BIOS, legacy boot
├─sda1   199,5G  part Windows 10 (NTFS)
├─sda2     529M  part Hidden NTFS (WinRE)
└─sda3   265,8G  part / Ubuntu 18.04 (ext4)
sdb      931,5G  old HDD disk 
├─sdb1      40G  part [SWAP]
└─sdb2   891,5G  part /home for Ubuntu (ext4)

I would like to know in advance if this configuration (no GPT, no UEFI) is correctly supported by Calamares and if I have to pay attention to some particular aspect (I do not want to reinstall Windows and format everything else than sda3). For example, I will have to choose GRUB instead of systemd-boot: are there other things like this?

Of course I will make a backup of everything before proceeding and I’ve already read several articles and wikis about installation.


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Calamares supports it without issue. Calamares detects how it is booted and makes decisions based on that. For example, you won’t even be offered systemd-boot when the ISO is booted in legacy mode.


Do NOT resize Windows partition within Linux. Use Windows Disk Manager for that purpose. That is the only thing you should pay attention to.

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Hello. Yesterday I completed the installation. Everything went smoothly, without any problem. Thanks for your answers.

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