Installation of EndeavourOS on existing grub system

I’m currently dual-booting Windows and vanilla Arch on my system with the grub bootloader installed. The last time I manually formatted the EFI partition I had to recover it so the windows bootloader would work again.

If I already have grub installed, in the Bootloader section of the installation do I put the Grub or No Bootloader option? If I pick no bootloader, will I have to manually configure the fstab and grub-mkconfig?

If Grub does not work, follow the instructions here.

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Personally, If I were to choose Grub, I would create a separate ESP for EnOS of the size 512M mount it at /boot/efi and flag it as boot.

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I understand that an EFI system partition is automatically created during Windows installation (for UEFI and GPT). Is it possible to create another ESP from Linux on the same disk?

Yes. You could have one for each and every system you want to install if you wish to keep their boot files separated.

Would they all appear on the same grub boot menu? I want to have endeavour just added to my current grub boot options

You need to decide if you want to install EnOS’ with its Grub to be in charge of booting your other systems.

Or, you install EnOS without Grub and let Arch’s Grub to handle booting up the other systems.

Either way, it is possible to get all your systems on the boot menu. It might need some tweaking post install but nothing complicated.

Or, you install EnOS without Grub and let Arch’s Grub to handle booting up the other systems.

Can I pick no bootloader and then just manually add the installation to the grub config? Or would the os-probe automatically detect the endeavour install?

Yes, in principle it should do it automatically if you have os-probing enabled in /etc/default/grub in your Archlinux.

If I choose to install without a bootloader, is there an article that will help me add endeavourOS to the grubfile? I’m not too familiar with the grub functions and versions so I don’t want to mess up my EFI partition.

I installed enOS with the No Bootloader option-- the enOS bootloader doesn’t show up on efibootmgr so I can’t grub-install from there

From within your Archlinux, did you run

sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

to see if your EnOS is detected and a menu entry it is created for it in grub.cfg?

What is the output of:

sudo os-prober


Thanks for the reply. Also, does the installer automatically create an ESP partition or do you have to do it manually?