Installation of Endeavouros on Arch Linux

Hello Guys ,
I’m new in Linux and an beginner and it would be amazing if someone could help me out .
I’ve wanted to install endeavouros on my MacBook Pro 2009 to work with Linux becouse the MacOs Catalina Version(which I installed unofficial) is just to slow with 4GB of ram .

So installed a bootable usb with EndeavourOs and wanted it to install on my mac .
But the starting prosses just doesn’t go futher then a decent amount of code lines.

So I asked Chat-GPT what to do . It said that i need to install first arch linux and then I can install endeavourOS.

So now I Installed Arch Linux on my Mac and it works…but I can’t install EndeavourOs…
I’m in the terminal looking Arch Linux system with my root , so I don’t have any grafical desktop.

I tried everything , asked ChatGTP what to do and so I tried a lot of stuff ,but nothing what he says to me is correkt and work .

Maybe someone knows how I can Install EndeavourOs on my Mac and could post the command lines which I need .

Sorry for my bad english
If someone could help I would be very greatfull

This shows why you should not trust the answers that ChatGPT gives you.

All you need to do is download the latest release (scroll down for the ISO links) and install using that. No need to go through the laborious exercise of installing Arch first.

Oh, and welcome to the forum @Flammenninja :wave:


Which is why you should ask people first. In no universe do you ever need to install one distro before you can install another.


I guess, my question at this point. . . if you’ve already installed Arch, and it’s working the way you’d like it. . . what is the point? What about Endeavour do you want not already installed? I would just keep using what you have now.

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Erik of ArcoLinux made a youtube 4 video series just the other day about doing an Arch install and adding the EOS apps.

Accidentally, the first 3 have no audio - probably a pipewire issue! haha, ahem. :grinning:

Here’s the fourth. ArcoLinux : 3570 Changing Arch Linux into EndeavourOS - IT is all Arch Linux - 4/4 - Summary - YouTube

I just want to point out that adding the EOS apps to an Arch Linux install will leave you with something different than an actual EOS install. It will give you an Arch install with access to the EOS apps.

The reason for this is that some of what we do comes from the installer so if you don’t use the installer, you don’t really have EOS.


Hello Me again ,

Just wanted to say thanks for all of youre help .
Well lets see what I can do…

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