Installation, lifeusermode, on micro sd

I am having trouble installing KDE on a micro SD(samsung extreme 64gb),
I used a usb to boot into liveuser mode for installation, then selected the microSD. I formatted the MicroSD with MBR & FAT32 before inserting. I selected swap with hibernate. But at the of the installation, it tells me mkdir could cannot create directory and it is read only. The sd isnt read only, since the error occurred after the installation tool repartitioned it.

Heres the log

Thank you

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Is the desired storage device a micro SD



The Original Post was a little confusing. I assume it is a micro SD as SSDs with 64 GB storage are not made anymore.


Yes, its the micro ssd on the top, and its the exact same one lol. Thanks for the fast reply.

I hate to get hung up on terminology, but the one on the top is a micro SD not a micro SSD.

Anyway, I have never used the EndeavourOS ISO to install onto a micro SD.
What are you trying to do?


I assume you are trying to install EndeavourOS x86_64 on a micro SD ?

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yes, I just downloaded the liveuser iso today, and burned it onto a usb, booted into liveuser to install it on the micro SD.

What is the intended use of the micro SD? Are you trying to install an OS on the micro SD for a ARM device?


The CPU is intel 11th gen(tiger lake), x86-64
I am using an microSD, because my organization does not allow me to modify the internal disk.
I did it successfully before with another usb, but the EOS_202212 version. Im trying with an microSD this time, because it has faster read/write speeds.

Again, I assume “another usb” is a USB thumb drive (flash drive) ? If so, a USB 3 Flash Drive will outperform SD cards both in speed and reliability. See the following web site for further information.

I am 72 yrs old. I have been around for a while and I know that " because my organization does not allow me to modify the internal disk." is there for a reason.

Modifying company equipment when told not to is a risky proposition.



Yes, its a USB thumb drive. I dont understand which one in theory is faster, but I payed $15 for a usb thumbdrive(3.1) and microSD each, on read/write test, the microSD is 8 times faster, I dont understand why either. Since im not allowed to modify the internal disk, I am following the rule by installing the OS on an external device, the MicroSD.

This is reported from the installer, but until you verify, you cannot be sure.

Also, boot the installler USB and get information. Try to mount microSD partitions using the File Manager, or using the mount command.

Post more info, messages, etc., in text (from terminal commands).

lsblk -f
sudo fdisk -l

and whatever else you think it would help us find the problem.

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I tried again and it returned a different error, here are the details
Online Bootloader: systemd-boot Erase disk: Swap(with hibernation), ext4
Desktop Base + Common packages
Firefox and language package
KDE-Desktop Printing Support Support for HP printer/scanner Accessibility tools

Error from installer
Installation Failed
Package Manager error
The package manager could not make changes to the installed system. The command

returned error-code 1 mmcblk0

from running lsblk-f:
│ vfat FAT32 E0E1-A38E
│ ext4 1.0 endeavouros 18fa8e99-a357-4a3d-8c78-fa2bee0b899e 40.9G 11% /tmp/calamares-root-tv6yb463
swap 1 swap 58aa6ab6-8180-4cfb-8409-19312bb27733

This points to a low quality medium.
Maybe try many times until it succeeds, but if the sd card is not of good quality, you might lose your data some time in the future.


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Thanks, I tried 3 more times and it now consistently returns this same error.
For microSD, I am using SanDisk Extreme 64GB, @Pudge posted an image.

It is not uncommon that in today’s commerce, there are fake drives/sdcards sold. I hope it is not the case for you, but I have such experience myself.

When you connect the micro SD for the installation, do you use a micro SD to SD adapter?

This adapter has a “Lock” - “Unlock” switch at the bottom right. It should be towards the gold connectors.


The computer has a microSD slot.

It seems (reading the log) that installation starts OK, but in some random (unexplained) point errors out for not able to write. (writing was going on until then)
Not a good sign, as I thought.

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2023-04-29 - 17:05:55 [6]: [PYTHON JOB]: "error: could not open file /var/lib/pacman/local/breeze-5.27.4-1/desc: Read-only file system"

By the way, shouldn’t BIOS have support for booting off of a SD card?

Yes, im on Dell bios 1.23.0 with SD boot enabled.

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