Installation issue with ASRock B560M-ITX/AC

A friend of mine has a new board ASRock B560M-ITX/AC with an intel core i5-10500T processor and he can not install any major linux distro except for Ubuntu nightly build. I am wondering if somebody here can help to figure out what is going wrong.

He tried several distros (e.g. debian, Fedora, garuda, Manjaro, Solus, EndeavourOS April release). The result is always the same: The boot menu shows up fine, the system starts to boot, but when the login screen or desktop should appear he just sees a black screen and the monitor says “no signal”.

Only Ubuntu nightly build is succeeding to boot into the budgie desktop environment.

Here are two screenshots from Ubuntu. No text, only photos, sorry.

ubuntu kernel commandline does not contain anything meaningful:

Here is output of “inxi -Fzx”:

The ubuntu kernel is also 5.11.14. And it uses Xorg 1.20.10.

And idea why ubuntu nightly build works and all the others not?

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need driver Intel cometLake in modesetting ( remove Xf86-intel)


You may need a patched kernel?

I found this post

Which leads to

In which the solution was


User Artem Tashkinov recommends an updated kernel, and the same advice was given at #intel-gfx in Freenode. Building a new kernel from the intel gfx drm-tip (see resolved the issue for me. Based on discussions in #intel-gfx, the fix is not yet implemented in mainline kernels, which means that compiling your own is the only solution at the moment.

Moreover, the issue seems to be the same as these filed bugs, refer to them for additional information:

This leads to

I’m not if that’s any help but it all quite recent the questions were asked only 20 days ago. Maybe nightly as the name suggests uses an upstream kernel who’s patches haven’t been merged into mainline?

Many thanks to both of you, @OdiousImp + @Stephane, for this information.

I am wondering if that is something that can be done on the kernel command line to boot the April ISO. Or is it absolutely impossible to boot the EndeavourOS ISO at the moment?

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I was not able to boot into it with nomodeset or whatsoever.

Does anybody think I would have a chance with the next Endeavour Iso ?
I don’t want to go back ti ubuntu again.