Installation fail on Windows 10

I want to replace Windows10 with Endeavour. Doing an online install, when it comes to the “partition” part of the install process, only manual partitioning is shown with no options to erase, etc. And it only shows partitioning of the USB and no hard disk drive. It is a new computer. I’ve been using Linux operating systems for 5 years and have never come across this before. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Try switching your disk controller to AHCI mode in the bios.

If that doesn’t work, please share the output of inxi -Fxxxz from the live environment so we can see what your hardware looks like.

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As @dalto pointed out if you can boot on the live iso and be connected to the internet and provide the following link to the command.

inxi -Fxxxz | eos-sendlog

I switched to AHCI mode and it worked! Thank you!! Should I return it to the previous setting in Bios now?

Thank you for the warm welcome. The Endeavour forum is very welcoming and helpful.

I made the change to AHCI as suggested and it worked. Should I change the Bios setting back now that I have Endeavour and am free from Windows? Thank you for your assistance from a fellow Canadian. :canada:

No, that would break it.