Installation aborted on Laptop

Heya, I just stumbled over an old Laptop which is still running Manjaro - not acceptable! So I fired up the Gallileo Iso and started with the installation - which got aborted with an error, here is the error log:
This does not help so much, at least to me - first time having an install error… Please help o allmighty eOS forum!

[PYTHON JOB]: "error: target not found: khotkeys

This should have already been fixed by issuing a hotfix.

For the hotfix to work, you would need to reach Github or Gitlab from the live iso.

If you, for one or another reason, cannot reach those sites on the live iso, in the package selection section of the installer, deselect khotkeys and proceed with the installation.

See also:


That did the trick, tyvm!
Additional question: I was searching from bottom of the logfile upwards, but did not see anything particular interesting - how did you find that line, what were you looking for? Is it just experience or some methodical approach that I can copy for future uses?

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In Firefox, you could press Ctrl-F and search for some specific keywords, such as error, failed etc.

It’s both experience and methodological approach :wink: :sweat_smile:

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Did that somehow, but did not get one that was helpful - gave up to soon I guess, Thanks!

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