Install zoom desktop client for arch linux

instead of using the AUR to install zoom, which gave errors, I used the download using zoom site ( This was easier than using AUR.

The problem with that approach is that it will be a pain to keep updated. Since zoom needs to be updated frequently, I don’t recommend it.

I am not sure why you had trouble with the AUR package. But if you want an alternative for zoom specifically, you should consider the flatpak.

Your concern is noted. I will try flatpak or AUR (again).

I have zoom installed from the AUR, works without issues. Might be useful to share which errors you got when installing the zoom AUR PKGBUILD?

Tried using AUR to install zoom, again.

The install, surprisingly, worked this time. Sorry for the erroneous post.

I would highly recommend checking out ‘Jitsi Meet’ which is a free and open source conferencing app. It has all the same features as Zoom but respects your privacy. It functions very well and doesn’t lack in any area that I’ve noticed. A very impressive platform.

One note is that at least one person in a meeting must be signed in, and this can be done using a GitHub account.

I use it every day for work and only use Zoom when I run into a scenario where I have no choice.

Not trying to hijack this thread, but does zoom still need XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=gnome set for desktop sharing to work on wayland? I’ve been apply that as a patch to the .desktop file for a while now, just wondering if I can stop doing that.