Install VMWare Tools in EndeavourOS 21.4

Hoe to install VMWare Tools in EndeavourOS 21.4

sudo pacman -S open-vm-tools

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Use open vm tools

@dalto you beet me by seconds.

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That didn’t let it go to full screen.

I have no issue using vmware. I don’t use it in full screen mode but rather full resolution matching my monitor on kde. But i can switch it to full screen but i don’t like it that way. I like it this way so i have access to my host. What settings are you using on vmware for graphics and not sure what you graphics card is on the host and also what desk top you have in vm?

Edit: I use it like this:

Edit: This is also how i use virtual box.

Hmm. And I was using gnome boxes. . .

I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super card. When I install VMWare tools nothing changes it still stays small screen.

You need to start it

sudo systemctl enable --now vmtoolsd

On Arch, services are usually not enabled when installed.

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