Install sway after installing XFCE?

New to endeavour after years on Debian/Ubuntu. I tried arch in the past, maybe 10 years ago, but encountered many boot issues and required too much manual tweaking. Just wow. Default XFCE and eos-welcome are almost perfect

I’m surprised “Install Timeshift” is not a dedicated option on eos-welcome or during install.

Anyway, I didn’t choose sway during installation. Is there a pacman one liner to install or do I have do it manually per t/want-to-try-sway-but-installed-previous-iso/13695. Just want to try it without wasting too much of my time.

The EnOS-Welcome-App gives more insight on how to do that quickly, I believe?


Would you be so kind to point me where in eos-welcome? I looked in “Add More Apps” and “After Install”. I do not see an option to install other desktop environment/WM.

Oops, sorry, I’m on Fedora momentarily. Maybe I was mistaken… But there’s a whole thread on this forum, dedicated to it.

Plus, the Arch-Wiki, maybe not so quick after all…

A one-liner would be:

yay -S sway

…and require potential digging into aforementioned links for it to work ‘flawlessly’.


Welcome to the EndeavourOS forum. Thanks for giving EndeavourOS a try. I hope you enjoy your time here.

This will not help with installing SWAY, but in a terminal, enter eos-quickstart
and review this for installing needed apps.


The last I know, the best way to adding SWAY after installation, is as described here:

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Welcome aboard! :smile:

We don’t support AUR packages at install nor in eos-welcome.
It is very simple to install AUR packages after install:

yay -S "package-name"

To help installing sway, you can see the default Sway packages:

eos-packagelist Sway\ Edition

so installing Sway could be something like:

sudo pacman -Syu --needed $(eos-packagelist Sway\ Edition)
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If you run that script, beware of the files it create so you don’t have the same issue I had when going back to a xorg system

My situation was similar to yours, I had picked XFCE offline installation, later installed and manually configured i3, and then later downloaded sway and ran the community script.