Install r and rstudio?

Hello, I wanted to try this arch based distro and need to install r and rstudio… is there a way to do that? in R there are no binaries for arch or endeavouros, so is there a way t use r here?

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Is this what you are looking for? You should be able to install it from yay without issue.


Plus r-studio package can be found in the AUR. I can confirm that it works!

hey thanks for it!! didnt know about AUR… now i did this:

I cloned the repository on my downloads/ directory and got “rstudio-desktop/” and “rstudio-desktop/PKGBUILD” files, I tried to run bash but I got the following error:

Cannot access ‘./pkg-cache/r-testthat-*’: file or directory does not exist

I installed r-testthat package with yay before… the issue is that pkg-cache directory doesnt exist under rstudio-desktop directory. ):

what should I do?

Edit: To be honest, I am not sure what you are doing :sweat_smile:, trying to download manually and compile a package?

No need for that. You can just use yay command in your terminal, and install the package from AUR, it will build on your computer and you can inspect code and sources. Its just a matter of one command:

yay -S rstudio-desktop

And then select the version you like to install. Hope that helps.


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