Install on Rpi 8GB

So I was able to install the image on my sd card for my 8GB Raspberry Pi but when I tried connecting my keyboard to the USB it would not type. Is there a reason for this? Am I doing a step wrong in the installation process?

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Welcome Aboard! So this is an ARM install then? If so we should probably move this to that section for better visibility.


Welcome to the forum. Sorry your first experience with Archlinux Arm was not a success.

What version of the image did you install? armv7h 32 bit or aarch64 64 bit.
On the RPi4b 8GB version there is a known bug that with the aarch 64 bit OS the USB ports do not work. There is a hack, but it seems like every other update breaks the hack and it has to be done again. This bug does not exist if you install the armv7h 32 bit version on RPi4b 8GB. Also this bug does not exist with the RPi4b 4GB SBC 64 bit OS. The only combination that seems to be affected is the RPI4b 8GB and aarch64 64 bit OS. In a nutshell, with the RPi4b 8 GB model, install the 32 bit OS and you can do anything including running from an external USB SSD enclosure.

How did you install the Archlinux Arm image on your micro SD card?
There is a script that automates the Archlinux Arm image install here.

When choosing the device type, go down to the bottom choice for a 32 bit RPi4 OS.
I know it is a bummer to not have a 64 bit OS, but with the 8GB variant it is just not feasible yet. Possible but not feasible.

After installing the image, go here to install EndeavourOS with your choice of DE.

HTH If you have any other questions, feel free to ask here in the forum.