Install old Crossover version

I installed Crossover from AUR using yay -S crossover. When Crossover updated to a new version, I couldn’t use it anymore because my license was for the old version.

So, I want to revert to version 20.0.4 of Crossover. I had a look in the Arch wiki, and it says “Old AUR packages can be built by checking out an old commit in the AUR package Git repository.”

How do I do that? Is there an easy way I can do it using yay? And how to I prevent yay from updating Crossover again when I type yay -Syu ?

First, check your yay cache in ~/.cache/yay/crossover and see if you have a package for the old version there. If so, install it with yay -U /path/to/package

If not, try downloading the 3 files from here into a folder. Then open a terminal cd into that folder and type makepkg -si

Add the package name to the Ignorepkg line in /etc/pacman.conf. Also remove the # from the beginning of the line if there is one.


Thanks a lot! It worked.

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