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I was using the mesa-amdonly-gaming-git drivers as it provides mesa git version with opencl unlike mesa-git. Now that package no longer exists. It’s become a package base and there are now multiple packages. So I am trying to install all these packages in one go because one at a time will not let me due to conflicts and requirements for uninstalling the current drivers. I normally am able to install many AUR packages using paru usually. Here is the command I am using and the output:

paru amdonly-gaming-vulkan-radeon amdonly-gaming-vulkan-mesa-layers amdonly-gaming-opencl-rusticl-mesa amdonly-gaming-mesa amdonly-gaming-vulkan-virtio lib32-amdonly-gaming-mesa lib32-amdonly-gaming-vulkan-virtio lib32-amdonly-gaming-mesa-vdpau lib32-amdonly-gaming-vulkan-radeon lib32-amdonly-gaming-vulkan-mesa-layers lib32-amdonly-gaming-opencl-rusticl-mesa amdonly-gaming-mesa-vdpau
no packages match search

for some months now, mesa provides opencl for AMD through the opencl-rusticl-mesa packages. Is that sufficiant for you?
The longer existing way of getting OpenCL on AMD is by installing rocm-opencl-runtime in addition to the stock mesa packages (instead of opencl-rusticl-mesa).

Or do you really need a git version of mesa and that is your problem?

I won’t comment on what package you actually need but to use paru like that you need to use paru -S, not plain paru. paru without any options tries to do a search.


Thank you Dalto! That indeed let the command run! It ended in a build failure, but that solved the paru side of things.

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