Install medium fails to run xinit

Hello everyone.

Until yesterday I was using Arch, but the most recent update more or less broke my system. After 5 or so hours of tinkering in vain I decided to simply try installing another distro rather than figuring out how to get it working again. I’m simply not savvy enough for that bleeding edge masochism.

Problem is, I seem to be getting a similar error when booting the live USB medium of EndeavourOS.
I have an ancient GPU (GeForce GTX 650) so I have to boot with nomodeset or the graphics will glitch out.

It begins booting properly, but after a while the screen flashes and then there is only a blinking cursor on an otherwise empty screen.
tty (ctrl + alt + f2) gets me to a shell login prompt, but since no user has been created I can’t get any further there.
I managed to glimpse that the flashing screen says xinit failed, and “Server terminated with error (1).”

Current system specs (my fallback Manjaro HDD):

I don’t know if it’s relevant but here is the Xorg.0.log from the Arch install:
(Since I can’t access the command line on the install medium I can’t see the logs of Endeavour)

Edit: I also tried installing Manjaro. The live medium booted and installed fine, however when booting from the fresh install, I get a similar but not identical error.

Thank you for your time, any help is appreciated!

no you should just boot fine using default boot (not nvidia) nomodeset is not needed it will use open source nouveau drivers…

When booting default the display turns into all the colors of the rainbow.