Install KDE on XFCE?

In a previous post I mentioned that I tend to be naughty even at my current age :rofl: So, I’ll definitely F* things up (Flip things up) as I always play around!

This is what I do most of the time :rofl:

OK… Just another question to the experts.
I’m on KDE now for a few hours.
I remeber at another forum somebody saw my “inxi…” and said exactly


I would rather think that the Intel GPU is too weak for KDEs fancy effects with opengl. Maybe you get a better performance when changing the effects to xrender (instead opengl) which would be then CPU only rendering.

Is this OK? If I changed from opengl to xrender I may get better performance?
(I don’t really care about all the bells and whistles, I care most about speed and responsiveness)

You think I should change?

You can just try… no harm.

I just did! I don’t know why it seems to me my laptop doesn’t like KDE. It just gets unresponsive occasionally for a few seconds :scream: (Thinking of reinstalling XFCE, BTRFS)

Mmm, then just switch bach to opengl. And try disabling desktop effects using Fn+F12. Could be it doesnt like you fiddling with two DE :point_up:

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Another learning experience :grin:

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I’ll see the effects and see how it behaves!

UPDATE: I disabled some effects. I hope it will behave!
UPDATE: I disabled even some more. I can’t believe it. I never had a computer reacting that fast!

I have to give special, very very special thanks to Zircon34

I now have a Quantum Computer :smiley: :heart_eyes:

Well… I’ve learnt a damn lot over the past month! :rofl:

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FWIW, I’ve been using KDE for so long now that muscle memory makes it hard for me to switch :slight_smile:
That said I’m have been using Antergos/EndeavourOs and recently Garuda on a now ancient Asus i3 laptop with 4Gb (soldered so not upgradable :frowning: ) and it works fine for browsing and most stuff.
It used to be that to get a decent response time I would have to use distros with lxde and xfce, but that was sometime ago.


Hi @daab
Seems we are in the same boat. Please check my first post to know what I’m talking about.

Try do what I did (previous posts in this thread). Disable…Disable…Disable… you can enjoy KDE again!
I’ve been on KDE almost all the time.
I can tell now, that KDE though sluggish by default, I just disable all the bells and whistles of windows composting… (as in previous post above), I even disabled everything.

Now it’s incredibly fast… a bit slower than light speed :crazy_face:

And as I been away from Linux for some time, I’ve been installing and trying different distros, the longest could stand maximum 48 hrs!

Now, with Endeavour, KDE Plasma (with all nasty stuff disabled) AND above all the wonderful community here I’m now on my 3rd day and enjoying every moment.

I don’t see any reason to even think if there is another better distro, and just for argument sake only, if there is, I am OK here with this wonderful community.

I hope you enjoy. :crossed_fingers:

EDIT: The only thing I’m missing is the transparency while dragging a window. I couldn’t figure out yet which option to get it back!

System settings, workspace behaviour, desktop effects, select wobbly windows and magic lamp. Configure wobbly windows to have a little. Then Window management, advanced, centered.

wobly and magic lamp OK, done! Rebooted, Still same.

Sorry! I am not following!

Window management is there also back one in appearance. systemsettings,workspace, appearance , advanced, set it to centered.

Edit: You also have to configure wobbly windows to give it some wobble.

appearance → leads me to Global Theme which has application style, plasma style, … Non saying “advanced” sorry!

Go into Window management from system settings, then windows behavior, advanced!

5th tab (advanced) window placement=centered
Apologies for bothering you that much.

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use xfce, simple answer life is too short.


I just did!
Reinstalled from scratch (offline, XFCE, but with BTRFS this time)
I wonder if there are any tweaks or things to disable in XFCE (as I did in KDE Plasma) to speed up my laptop? The only thing I may need is transparency while dragging a window.

I will create a thread at XFCE

yea you can easily reach 400mb of ram usage with simple optimizations
for example
you can delete endeavoros update notifier which i taught was bloat but it definitely saves ram and cpu
like that i tried deleting unnecessary plugins of xfce and other thing and i recomend you to install stacer
stacer is the best optimization application for arch it makes it easy to clean pacman cache and more the first time i opened stacer it helped me clean about 2gb of unnecessary space.
This is a screenshot of stacer

i will be glad to help you